Writer of a number of books (Please refer to My books) on the linkage between spiritualism and science , writer of many futuristic movies (Please refer My movies) and inventor of many new things like free energy, telecommunication by love waves and love packets , image based indexing of content and so on (Please refer My inventions).

Serious Researcher on the links between Spiritualism and Science, believe it is love which is the common pleasure or force in this universe, earth holds us by love (Not Gravity) and Nucleus of atom is held by love ( not Nuclear Force) and this love can be smartly tapped to run all our machines, we don’t have to pump them with electricity and give them a nasty shock

Karthik Meenakshi Sundaram.

My name is M. Karthik and I am an engineer and hold a degree in  management from premier schools in India. I have been researching the linkage between science and spiritualism with lot of passion for the past ten years. I tried exploring religion especially Hinduism with lot of depth and tried linking it to modern science. It is my belief that a very advanced race lived in India long time back and life was entirely different and spiritual. I know science in reasonable depth being an engineer and tried interlinking religion and science. I am seriously into meditation and practice whatever has been written in my books. I have drawn a number of patent applications on using pleasure of love to run machines, space crafts, telecommunication, don’t know if I am right on these patents but I am rather strongly convinced that love is the common pleasure and would run everything in future and if someone could take the lead and use this angle for research and find something to run everything by love, then earth has a fascinating future

My research started as early as 1996 when I learnt transcendental meditation from Shri Mahesh Yogi and his disciples and since then I have been very seriously exploring the link between religion and science. However over the past seven years starting from 2004 my research took me into various gamut like classical science, behavioural science, spiritualism , esoteric sciences and Hinduism especially ancient Hinduism. I strongly feel love is the common link between everything and it exists in nucleus of atom, holds us on earth and exists in religion and society. Love has to be very smartly tapped then we need not pump electricity to machines and give them a nasty shock, we can simply lead them and keep them in pleasure and bliss . Don’t know if all this makes sense , nevertheless is an interesting area of enquiry and would really make sense if someone could use this theory and lead everything just by sheer power of love. How and when is a big question , the how part is answered through some patents which I have drawn, you can get a brief gist of them in the Section “ Inventions” , when it will happen is another big question. 2012 seems to be a change of Yuga or period according to many sources, so things should pace up from 2012 and new directions should be seen into everything. Do I sound like a crazy researcher, don’t know only time would answer that but I have used meditation to attain a very calm state of mind and you will find enough material about meditation , Tantra , Hinduism , religion, spiritualism and science in this websiteI have been employed very well for the past fourteen years since MBA and have held several senior positions in finance and software world. I am married to Vijayalakshmi and have a eight year old sweet daughter K.Poornima.  I have been reasonably creative and have done a number of inventions, wrote a number of movie scripts (You can get a brief gist of them in the section Movies), I have also written a number of creative essays and presentations. You can download them from my website .  You will find this site useful if you have a critical eyeType your paragraph here.

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