Alternate View of Science

Please read the presentation and video “Critical View of Science “for an alternate view on science
.  Please also buy the book “Invisible Hand of God “where this is discussed in detail. An alternate view is given for most of the scientific principles. You might ask who I to do this am and what purpose will one get from all this enquiry, well I am a humble researcher and have presented whatever was thought by ancient Hindus long time back I have not invented anything new but have borrowed heavily from their thinking and have rather mixed up everything

Science talks of different forces which govern matter. The objects are held to earth or any planet by force of gravity and in fact there is a force of gravity between any two matter. The protons which are positively charged are held together in the nucleus of atom by nuclear force which is a short ranged force. But my belief is everything is just a modification of force of love. It is love which holds protons in atom together and it is love which holds us on earth. This love if tapped very very smartly can run all our machines be it be cars or motorbikes or space crafts . Consider a joint family what holds the male members of family together, they are like protons of an nucleus which are held by force of love and electrons are like girl friends orbiting around them. In fact gravity gives a negative connotation, often we say look at the gravity of situation, we should rather say look at the play of love in this situation. How to tap this love is an interesting question and I have made some patent application documents regarding this , I am not sure whether it would work or not and is subject to intensive testing nevertheless if it works it would be a sufficient proof of the fact that love can run everything effortlessly . I am just a humble enquirer and have posed an alternate view to everything and I think someone should wrap up the sleeves and take a clue from here and move objects by pure pleasure of love

The universe conventionally is said to have began with a big bang long time back. But according to ancient Hinduism, Universe has no beginning or ending. It existed infinite years ago and would continue to exist for the next infinite years, and  is called Brahman .Conventionally science believes that universe is finite, but according to me universe is infinite there is no end to it , the Brahman cannot be limited to finite dimensions there are infinite stars , infinite planets , infinite moons and so on . If one argues universe if finite then what is outside this finite boundary. The universe is full of love, that’s the only force which prevails throughout the universe and love knows no laws or rule.

According to me everything is a creation of God through sheer power of love. Stars are creation, planets are creation, moons are creation, fish is a creation, humans are creation, there is no evolution and we don’t have a common ancestor as postulated by many like Charles Darwin we are all simply created by nature by power of love and nature keeps creating and creating, there is no end to creation and it happens by sheer power of love

Nature is infinite and is the ultimate God, we can never crack the intelligence of nature. Nature is fascinatingly and ultimately intelligent and has a single consciousness. Humans can at best connect to this single consciousness; nature is full of love for its creation and plans everything to perfection. It does not mean there is no free will but it is rather like a relationship between mother and child where no one can really say who shapes the child whether it is the mother or the child herself so we are free to do whatever we want but nature plans everything for us by sheer power of love

So I have been vehemently arguing Love is the only pleasure in this universe and is the common thing and we should now very smartly tap this power to run everything be it our machines or space crafts or medical devices or telecommunication. In the next few pages I have further argued on my theory by rather critically and interestingly examining science. Typically you will see slides about scientists to begin with and then an alternative view on the same. The whole theory would only look good if we can somehow develop something to move by pleasure of love.

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