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Attitude is also cyclical in nature. Though you might have gone to numerous lectures on how to develop positive attitude or might have read books about positive attitude, practicing on every day basis and staying positive all the time is easier said than done. When time favors us and other external factors are sound we develop positive attitude and when time does not favor us and everything goes wrong we develop negative attitude and cling to negativity. I personally think developing a never say die attitude is and developing a strong mind is what ultimately matters.

There are a number of factors that strengthen the mind. The first thing that shapes our mind is nurture during the first three years of life when our mind is blank and as a child we know nothing about anything. The first three years of life is where nurture plays an important part in developing our life. Nature has each one of us with so much talent that we can ultimately become gelled with nature itself. It is said after many births, god or nature gives a human form. Unfortunately humans are born crying some cry through out their life and finally end crying. It seems among all the human births only Krishna and Zarathushtra were born laughing and laughed through out their lives. If given proper nurture in the first three to five years which would mean love and affection, proper food, independence etc the child develops into a positive personality. Then that personality has sufficient strength of mind to face both bad as well as good times.

Though the factors that build attitude are same for each person, however the influences vary from person to person. I have tried to represent diagrammatically on what has shaped my attitude so far. I was a person who loved clinging to negativity. But now I see fresh sunshine and am attempting to develop a completely positive attitude and develop mental strength under all circumstances.

I had a very positive attitude till I was twenty years old and since then I have been clinging to negativity primarily because of unfavorable time and slight health problems. My attitude has also been shaped largely by culture and its restrictions. I never have felt much peer pressure, as I was sharp enough to be among the top whichever school or college I went. But I had other peer pressures like being too soft, easily manipulatable, taken for granted etc. I did not choose the right organizations in early part of my career, the organizational culture and ethics were not to my liking and at that time in India it was difficult to jump jobs quickly.  

How I propose to totally strengthen my mind and develop a positive attitude

Leave everything to God – Now I have decided to completely my do my duty whatever it may be and leave everything to God. I have built a 100% faith in gods and believe that they will take care of me under all circumstances. I was a kind of guy who would always worry what would happen next, now slowly I am changing myself and am trying to live in present. I also believe that health which has been chiefly responsible for my clinging to negativity will also get settled down after some time and have left curing my health also to god

Favorable Time – My astrological chart indicates that I have a favorable time for the next twenty-five years, though I might have some ups and downs over all everything will be smooth going forward

Changing Focus- I have changed focus now, instead of looking at negative things I am focusing on positive things like how through act of kindness I have developed talents in multiple fields. How I have the talents to think creatively and have a sharp parallel thinking skill. I have also decided to avoid people who always look at the negative side of me.
Changing Life Style and Habits- I have decided to drop all my bad habits and lead a proper disciplined life. I am making efforts to reduce my excess fat by exercise and dieting.

Believing in Kaizen- I have started building small step-by-step improvements to remove whatever is bad in me. Nothing is possible overnight and everything will happen when time comes.

Selfless Devotion to work- I have decided to follow the principle of Nish- Karma which means doing ones duty which could be writing books or any other thing without any expectation of rewards. Because if you worry whether the rewards are adequate or inadequate you will never be able to selflessly devote to work.

 Charity and Gratitude- I always believed in helping those who could not help themselves due to any kind of handicap. I used to donate sums to charity institutions even though my earnings itself was not much. Again I am doing this with no expectations for myself.

Learning various fields
- Though I am Engineer with Masters in Business Administration, I plan to devote time to learn other metaphysical sciences and its implication in everyday life.  It would give me sufficient leverage in understanding the close linking between whatever good or bad happens to anybody.

Developing Fearlessness- By nature or nurture I am an introvert and enjoy being alone. However slowly I will drop all inhibitions and become a total Krishna probably the only one who danced and laughed through his life.

Thinking Big- I have decided to think big, there is no point wasting life doing mundane activities that would not leave you anywhere and would not liberate from the cycle of death and birth.. Now I have been gifted with much strength and would use these strengths to build myself

Giving Positive Auto Suggestions and Meditation
- Meditation has become a part of my life. I would say I am always meditating, though I expect the external environment to be both critical and appreciative, I have decided to develop sufficient mental strength to handle both.

Staying away from negative minded and negative people
- I would love to associate with positive personalities who would guide me and help me in changing my attitude. There are people who would say the glass is half empty rather than saying the glass is
half full.

Devote time to understand great minds
- It is a well know fact that less than 1% of the population have contributed to overall development of humanity. The rest 99% have never used the full potential that the gods have blessed them with.
I would suggest every one to do a similar kind of exercise and develop strong mind which could face both adversity and success and ultimately go beyond the intellect and attain self actualization.