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Discussion on Vedas

I have not read the Vedas and have little knowledge of Sanskrit and can only present a brief interpretation of the Vedas. The Four Vedas Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda constitute primary hymns, sholokas and prayers of Hindus. Veda means knowledge and the word comes from Sanskrit word Vid which means to know . Vedas themselves do not speak much about their origin and even their purpose however seems to have originated in 1500 BC or perhaps even earlier The Vedas with its divisions ultimately talk of living entity as pure soul or spirit which is indestructible The sounds in Vedas are difficult to comprehend and manifests in different levels on senses breath and mind. The Vedic sounds are unfathomable and very deep and are considered as vibrations with which the whole universe originated Vedic sounds use Om extensively which is the sound with which the universe originated Vedic Sounds are also chants and Mantras to please the various Gods especially the warrior Gods. The Vedas are considered as eternal truth that ancient sages mastered and also represent their spiritual experiences.

The hymns of the Rig Veda are considered the oldest and most important of the Vedas, More than a thousand hymns are organized into ten mandalas or circles of which the second through the seventh are the oldest and the tenth is the most recent. The Hymns in Rig Veda praises warrior gods for giving them power to win wars. Numerous hymns refer to the use of horses and chariots with spokes, which the warriors used for wars. Spears, bows, arrows, and iron weapons are also mentioned.

The Sama Veda contains the melodies or music for the chants used from the Rig Veda for the sacrifices; almost all of its written verses are traceable to the Rig Veda. The Sama Veda helped to train the musicians and functioned as a hymnal for the religious rites.

The Yajur Veda deviates more from the original text in its collection of the ritual formulas for the priests to use in the sacrifices, which is what yaja means. It explains how to construct the altars for new and full moon sacrifices and other ceremonies. Ancient Hindus extensively used animal sacrifices for pleasing gods. I really don’t know whether animal sacrifices pleases gods I think killing animals should be done only for food The Atharva Veda is primarily magical spells and incantations. The bewitching spells were called abhichara and attempted to cause diseases or harm to enemies

Hindu Prayers generally start with Om and then consist of various words or hymns in praise of gods. There are normally many names and attributes to Hindu Gods and all prayers glorify these attributes It is difficult to give one name to Hindu Gods for example Lord Ganesha is called by so many names and prayers to Lord Ganesha normally start with Om and then reciting his various names.
Vedas and Formation of Life

A lot of interest has now been created by Genetic research which looks into genetic mapping and how life was created .The whole gene code is mapped and attempts are made to clone animals. Genetic research is also considered best methods to cure diseases like Cancer, Aids for which as of now no cure is available.

Vedic science takes a completely different approach to creation of life. Though it does not dispute that a complex gene code forms life but associates sounds with creation of life. Vedas, which are many like Sama Veda, Atharva Veda etc, are basically a list of primitive sounds before any life came into existence. Ancient Hindus were smart enough to understand that basic sounds or better-called vibrations were key to creation of life. Vedas should not be confused with prayers. Vedas are not prayers. A hindu prayer typically is like OM Ganeshaya Namah, which in Sanskrit means respect to lord Ganesha or simply nameste Lord Ganesha . The Om is always used before any prayer, which I have indicated, was the basic sound, which permeates through the universe. Vedas on other hands consists of list of sounds by which life happened

Let me give you an example to illustrate the point. What is one reminded of when one thinks of a crow. One may say it is black in color, it is carnivorous, typically seen in tropical countries though also seen as variants in other countries. But the basic thing is that a crow is always associated with a Kaa. A crows life begins with saying Kaa and ends when the sound Kaa completely disappears in its life that is when it dies.

Now we all know before life started in the planet, earth was a mass of lce. However in nature there were vibrations of different kinds. These vibrations were of infinite variety and kaa could also be one of them. The vibrations need not be large it could have been very mild, just spreading around in the nature. I am not clear what kind of vibrations these were probably electromagnetic, probably sound, these areas unlike genetic research remains least researched and should be researched.

These vibrations of Kaa were key to form the genetic code of the crow. How it happened is still not clear to me. Probably localized chemical reactions took place. Hindu philosophy describes five major elements of life namely water, air, fire, earth and ether. But chemistry skills were primitive during those days and now we know that more than 60 basic elements exist in earth. These vibrations of Kaa probably created localized energy spaces, which should be similar to the soul and life slowly started in this localized space.

However creation of human required many other sounds as human himself is capable of producing variety of sounds and capable of reasoning. These primitive sounds which were key to formation of human were captured by ancient Hindus and termed Vedas.

In hindy mythology it is said Bramha who is creator of life kept these vedas secret. There is also an interesting story that once while he was dozing the vedas slipped from this mouth and one Rakshas ( evil man) captured the vedas Then Lord Vishnu ( Protector) had to take an Avatara ( Human Form) to restore the vedas back to the original place.

Nevertheless I think one can accept with a scientific logic that sounds ( vibrations) were key to creation of life. As there could be infinite possible vibrations there are infinite possible forms of life.

Now the question comes whether genetic research could create life. My basic reasoning is that since life cannot be created outside the karmic circle, genetic research could only produce maybe a stronger form of life kind. So as to say it could create a larger chicken or stronger chicken but cannot create chicken itself without the sound associated with the chicken. The soul of the chicken is associated with the sound it emanates through out its life

I would not debate on the benefits of genetic research since I am not competent enough to say anything about it. But this new approach of the Vedas responsible for creation of life must be appreciated and researched.