Infinity and zero

In different sections of the book I have tried to explain that God is infinite. Infinite means endless. One might ask what is outside the infinite, there is no answer to this question mainly because the universe is endless. Recently I read that astronomers have spotted a satellite around 16bn light years away. One light year is the distance traveled by light in one year and light travels at a speed of 3,00,000 km/sec. Such is the infinity of the universe of god.

How did it all began. Universe was of zero size and infinite mass billions of years ago. Then there was a loud explosion. The explosion did not produce a boom sound but a sound of Om. Om then reverberated all around the universe and is the basic mantra for attaining zero state of mind. There is a temple in the coast of Kanyakumari (Southern most point in India) . In that temple there is a small opening, if one hears carefully you can actually hear the Om sound. Om still reverberates in the universe as it expands endlessly. According to scientists there will be a point when universe will start shrinking, but it is difficult to estimate how long it would take for such a thing to happen

Repeating Om for around 20 minutes in the morning and around 20 minutes in the evening will revitalize your energy systems. Just as the universe is infinite human beings can also tap the infinite reservoir of energy inside themselves by attaining a zero state of mind. It seems we use only a very small part of our brain so what is there in the rest of the brain which remains unconscious and un tappable. There is infinite energy inside each one, which can be tapped when necessary only sufficient efforts are required
The Cycle Effect

Does Life end after death. I was very disappointed to read about the death of a famous model Nafiza Joseph. She committed suicide and decided to put end to the burden she was facing. Every year probably millions commit suicide, putting end to the miseries they are facing.

Everything in this world operates like a cycle. Lets take combustion engine for example, it works in a simple cycle which as a Mechanical engineer was our first lessons. There are four strokes by which a engine (Used in cars) works and a two stroke engine finishes the cycle in two strokes the ignition stroke and the exhaust stroke

Take an electric circuit for example . A circuit in itself means a circle .Which means the way the electric fan works or the tube light operates is in form of simple cycles. I have diagrammatically represented how an light bulb functions .

Indians are credited to have discovered zero which in itself is one of the greatest discoveries. Surprisingly there are plenty of things that we see in our daily life, which is in shape of zero. Car wheels, which carry us, daily are in shape of zero Earth is round, atoms are round. Earth orbits around the sun, which is also round in circular fashion (almost circular) .

The purpose of illustrating so many examples of zero shaped objects and cyclical process is that everything including life works as a cycle. Cyclical process are the most stable and natural form of process though other few non cyclical processes also might exist. So life just does not end after death and is also a cyclical process

Lord Krishna (One of the Hindu Gods) explained this to Arjuna, when he was facing facing his enemies who were mostly his brothers, friends and teachers. After Life the soul remains undestroyed and takes another form depending on whatever karmic balance we carry along. The cycle keeps repeating many times. Some schools believe the cycle is repeated seven times while others believe that the cycle is repeated infinite number of times .

Two Inverted Wine Cups

The Human Mind can be represented as two inverted wine cups as shown in the diagram below

The first state of mind is the abnormal mind. An abnormal mind lacks direction and thoughts, medically I would say too many neurons fire at the same time. There are too many thoughts and the mind lacks concentration. Such a mind is not capable of any kind of intellectual activity and there is no balance between the left and right brain functioning. Through some psychotic medicines such a brain can be brought back to reasonable levels of stability. But why should God give such a brain again at the expense of boring you it is because of improper karmic balances.

The next state of brain is the normal brain. Within normal brain there are different levels of intelligence, some people have very good left brain through which they are capable of intense analytical activity others have good right brain capable of intense creative activity. Nevertheless such a state of mind depending on the level of thoughts and balance decides ones IQ. It is also said the right brain functioning is important for developing ones emotional intelligence.

The next state of brain is a completely thoughtless state of mind or Zero Mind. What does such a mind thinks of, it thinks of nothing, Buddhist call such a state of mind as being mindful. How to attain this kind of mind, it can be only done be practicing regular meditation. I have in later part of the book explained different types of meditation, any of them can be practiced for about half an hour slowly and then one can see glimpses of zero state of mind. A zero state of mind is required for men to practice tantra an ancient art of super normal sex. The longer one can keep oneself in such a state of mind through meditation the longer can sex last.

The last and probably the most difficult to achieve state of mind is a super normal mind. A super normal mind can switch quickly from normal state to zero state. A super normal mind picks up external thoughts. Probably all our great Gods of all religion existed in such a state of mind. They could read minds, they could meditate for longer hours of time, they could attain higher spiritual bliss like clairvoyance, body shifting, soul shifting, controlling life span, attaining samadhi etc which a normal man can never even imagine. The only way to go through this whole say process is through practice of meditation. A super normal brain is keenly aware of bionet that exists and controls life forms. To my understanding nothing happens in random, there are more deeper meanings to life than one can normally see or perceive.