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IQ, Emotional IQ and Spiritual IQ

There are various methods to measure the Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
. Most of our IQ is pre-decided by the Lord. It is impossible to go beyond the limits of our IQ. Even in our Childhood days we come across people who have stupendous IQ. IQ normally indicates the logical and reasoning function, which is mostly located in the left brain. So a strong left brain indicates a high IQ. Normally the IQ of a common man is expected to be between 80-140. An IQ of 100 means for your age you have the correct amount of intelligence. Most noble price winners had a strong (>130) IQ. Even a small difference in IQ would mean a large difference in our life, large difference in the type of growth opportunities in life. IQ also measures one’s numerical ability and comprehension ability. Most of the tests like GMAT/GRE test this aspect of the brain.

The next level of intelligence that is widely used today is the emotional quotient (EQ). A stable emotional quotient describes that the person remains calm at all situations. He/She can handle tough situations. But toughness along is not the only measure. The EQ also measures a person’s kindness in heart and ability to co-operate peacefully in teamwork. It is not necessary to be aggressive to have a high EQ. One must have the ability to remain cool under all circumstances. One must develop strong leadership skills and must have the ability to lead a team of people. Aggressiveness is not the only indictor of high EQ. There are number of tests available now to measure how a person responds to a situation. Normally depending on ones EQ one reacts to situation. For example a question may be posed to you who may ask, how you would react when your boss shouts at you before all your colleagues. Depending on ones EQ the responses may differ, one may say I will just keep quiet, another may say I will shout back, another may say I will speak to him in private etc. Just like IQ, EQ remains fixed for a person through out his life. It depends, as Freud would say on automated responses in our unconscious brain. Emotional Quotient depends mainly on how we are brought up, our IQ levels and our success in schools, our ability to play games and do team work etc

The highest level of intelligence one might develop is the Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
. The SQ remains hidden in most of the people ( around 95% of the worlds population) . According to Hindu mythology it remains hidden as a coiled serpent or kundalini energy in base of our spine. It is sad that despite such advancement in medicine this infinite reserviour of energy is not tapped. Once this reservoir is tapped a man becomes a virtual genius. There are a number of meditative techniques by which one can tap this energy. The more the energy the more charismatic the person is and can draw others towards him/her.

Ancient Hindus understood this and went to Gurukuls ( A school in the forest) and first help tap this energy before teaching the pupils anything. Vedic form of education, which is dead, today always aims at tapping this form of energy first. Chinese Zen masters teach martial art only when this energy is released. Man can become multi orgasmic and can practice sex for hours together if this energy is tapped. Once ones SQ is developed ones IQ and EQ also undergo enhancements. One’s ability to comprehend increases enormously. One’s ability to understand complex things like mathematics, classical music etc also increases enormously.

What happens when ones SQ increases? All the Gods that we pray now had enormous amount of SQ and the SQ differed from God to God. When ones SQ increases one can develop predictive abilities. One can understand the strong bio-net, which exists despite the utter chaos that many people feel. Nostradamus had very high SQ and could reasonably predict the way the world would move forward.

Mother Theresa had high SQ, though she never claimed it . Spending ones life completely in service of humanity is enough to take you to highest realms of SQ.

Now people may ask does high SQ allows you to predict stock markets. I would say every day ups and downs are difficult to predict but the over all direction would be indicated.

A high SQ increases your ability in arts like Music, painting, martial arts etc. All these fine arts which the heavens have given to man can be learnt easily with high SQ.

A high SQ also would help you to understand inter-relatedness in life forms. When you meet a person you would know all his secrets and mysteries and would help you understand things better.

Now a days it is good to see that the corporate have decided to tap this energy through meditation classes and other methods. Meditating 20 minutes in the morning and evening would help to reasonably increase the SQ, which would mean calmer and alert work place and better teamwork Remember that God is inside you so why not tap him.

The only way to develop high SQ is through Tantric Sex and meditation (For Woman) and through meditation and charity for men.
Can a Spiritual Person Read Minds

A spiritual person can read minds. There could be a scientific explanation also to it. Whenever a thought process occurs neurons fire in the brain and a kind of energy flows in the brain (This is what I understand from my limited knowledge of medicine) .A part of energy is also released out of the brain and which travels just like light rays or Electro magnetic waves etc. So actually a spiritual person sitting in Chennai can actually read what is happening in Delhi. The mental waves just are transmitted and received by a spiritual person sitting in Chennai. However one can trick the spiritual person by actually thinking the reverse of what he really wants. So all the time it may not be possible to exactly read minds. But most of the time yes mind reading is possible. In my own experiences out of 100 reading at least 75 have been correct. I think 75% accuracy is good enough. Can a spiritual person read the combined minds of many people. Yes this is also possible. Using this we can draw inferences on important events like elections etc. But somehow with my level of realization, I am not able to read combined minds. In fact some experiments have been tried where in one can actually move objects by the mental energy. The mental energy or bio energy is as strong as any other Electro Magnetic energy and can possibly be used to move objects. My level of realization does not permit me to do such things. Whenever the energy levels in the body come down, diseases start coming up and body becomes weak. In such a case it is better to go to a saint or higher spiritual being who can transmit a part of his energy and cure the person. Of course the person has to see the doctor also. I have also read books that scientific methods are being tried to find out the hallow of a human being. I think if enough research is done one can actually see the hallow of a person as it is seen in images and books on God. I think the spiritual mind would have the maximum hallow and a person with say AIDS would have minimum or zero hallow.


IQ, Emotional IQ and Spiritual IQ

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