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Astrology and Palmistry

A detailed discussion about astrology and palmistry is beyond the scope of this work. Anyway Astrology and Palmistry is now accepted as reasonably accepted sciences for their predictive ability. One Issue could be that rules that govern astrology could have undergone some changes as we are now in 21st century. Probably astrologers need to do some changes in rules that govern astrology today.

It is also essential to do some statistical sampling tests to find out the accuracy levels of astrology and palmistry. One interesting fact I noticed in India was before every temple there are normally two statutes with an index finger always pointing at the person entering the temple. I think the possible explanation to this could be the finger points at your karmic balance, it says whatever is happening to you is because of your own actions.

Another interesting observation was that Hindu Gods always have a palm facing downwards. A possible explanation could be that your life is already written in your palms.

Unfortunately like other metaphysical sciences both astrology and palmistry are not researched in a scientific way. In India where most metaphysical things happen, astrology is never taught in colleges. No body can take it up as a profession because it does not carry the weight of professional degree. I think governments should start courses in such astounding metaphysical sciences also
Numbers and You

I thought I would give a basic introduction to Numerology for those who are unaware of it

Numbers assigned to a person normally depends on a host of factors like the time of birth, date of birth, name etc. Numbers are integral part of our lives and dictate our lives in a big way. It dictates our personality and behavior and whole host of other things. Basically it dictates life.

One might ask how could numbers dictate life. A person born in a particular numerological number say 3 has certain set of personality traits. Numbers are indicators of karmic balances. The mathematics of God is difficult to understand but the birth of man is associated with a particular number based on the good or bad he did in his earlier Janmas (Birth)

Even when we exit from earth numbers would record our departure like the date and time of death based on which the next birth would be decided. Numerology influences everything like our personal life, family life, career, etc. Numbers also decide where we are born, which country and things like that.

Numerology talks in great detail on the sacred number seven. There are seven notes in music, seven days in a week, even number 52 which is the number of weeks in a year adds up to seven. There are seven notes in music, seven major planets, seven major colors etc. There is also seven births or janmas according to Hindu Philosophy

Understanding numbers could be useful and it would also be useful to name oneself suitably with the number associated.
Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is another ancient Meta physical science. The complete explanation of tarot and its predictive power is beyond the scope of this book. I have just tried to explain the key theme behind tarot and how a tarot reader arrives at conclusions based on the tarot cards.

The origin of tarot is difficult to comprehend it seemed to have originated in Egypt and China. A tarot deck is similar to a pack of cards. Each card has a positive and negative meanings attached to the card. Both have four suites numbered from ace to ten. In tarot deck these are called the minor arcana instead of clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades used in normal cards. Unlike ordinary pack of cards each court suit has four court cards instead of three: King, Queen, Knight and Page. Thus the minor arcana has around 56 cards

In addition to the minor arcanas the Tarot deck has twenty-two major arcanas or extra cards. They do not belong to any suit but have their own numbers. The fool tarot has no number. When doing a reading more minor cards occur than the major then your destiny is mostly in your hands. However if major cards occur then fate governs your future.

The accuracy of tarot reading is amazing, it seems in the last cricket world cup the predictions of victory or defeat was done accurately by tarot readers

The first thing to do in tarot is to become familiar with the cards. This means shuffling the cards time and again. Tarot experts also advice to keep the cards in secret place and only you should use the card.

It is impossible for me to describe the entire tarot cards . I have just tried to explain two major arcanas and one minor arcanas.

The Fool (Put the tarot fool here)

The fool is an unnumbered tarot card. Each tarot card has links to astrology so fool is normally ruled by Uranus and an element of air. Fool indicates innocence and simple joy of living. Planet Uranus ensures that the card is pretty lawless, original and inventive. Fool card also means unexpected things may occur. The negative side of the fool card is folly, madness and look before you leap. Note that every tarot card is linked to astrology and every card except the fool is numbered.

The Magician- The Magician is numbered as I and is ruled by mercury. The magician represents travelling, entertainment and showman. Magicians lived in the fringes of law and were regarded with both fear and suspicion. The Magician card is numbered one because he is always the center of attraction. The card is associated with positive action and originality. Trickery and deception are the negative meanings of magician.
The High Priestess- The high priestess is considered as the female pope and is shown as a wise woman dressed in blue. The number for this card is II and is reminiscent of Virgin Mary. When high priestess appears in the card a secret is about to be revealed. The card shows mystic power, psychic ability and the unconscious mind. The reverse meaning of this card is delay in all plans, hidden obstacles and enemies. This card is ruled by moon.

Minor Arcanas

The minor cards unlike the major cards do not have numbers. They normally contain a meaning and reverse meaning. I have given two examples of minor arcanas

The Ace of Wands

Keyword – Enterprise

Meanings- All aces represents beginning of certain things. If this card comes up in a shuffle an important new business or new relationship is indicated
Reverse Meaning- Restlessness and uncontrolled desire for change and lack of confidence.

The Four of Wands

Keyword – Prosperity

Meaning- Successful completion of the project. Personal achievement and mental well being. Improvement in property
Reverse Meaning- Feeling of pointlessness. Ingratitude and disappointment, unfulfilled hopes


Only an accomplished tarot reader can give accurate predictions. The science behind tarot is difficult to understand. The tarot cards themselves have changed over period of time. What a typical tarot reader would do is to shuffle the card and arrange them in different ways .The simplest form being arrangement of three, there are other spreads like the horoscope spread and the cross spread as shown below.

Once the tarot reader gets the cards he makes quite accurate interpretation about a person or a query. The idea behind the whole chapter is to introduce to every one especially those who are unaware of predictive power of tarot.
Clairvoyance and Crystal Glazing

I know it is impossible to believe in Crystal Glazing. There is also no scientific explanation to crystal glazing. Though the most divine of metaphysical sciences it remains least researched and taught. The only explanation that I can think of is after death depending on our karmic balance we are either converted to a new form or exist as godly spirits or exist as ghosts. Through crystal glazing one can invoke the good spirits sometimes and use them to know the future. This Meta science has been practiced from ages. Normally it is practiced using a crystal globe. In India it is practiced using clear water or ink. The usage of ink or water is also called hydromacy. In those days to invoke the spirits very elaborate procedures were used. The early practitioners were expected to be pure in heart and religious disposition. The usage of this art does not require particular religious disposition. Any person of any religion can use it. Normally in olden days it was used to find out about lost objects or lost people.

Crystal is the most common way for glazing. The crystal has to be inscribed with sacred characters as much as the room also should have a sacred characteristic. The crystal glazer has to keep himself clean and wash himself after every session. Crystal glazing is probably the only proof we have for believing in existence of spirits. A kind of mental disposition is required from the crystal glazer, he has to have hundred percent belief in the whole phenomenon.

Now the views on crystal glazing have changed considerably. The elaborate procedures are now not followed, as there is lack of time and lack of interest in the whole phenomenon. The size of crystal has also become smaller now though the purity level remains the same. Normally prayers and magical words are invoked and pleasant smell is used to invoke the spirits. The first indication of invoking the spirit is formation of a cloud like structure in the crystal. Then the spirit takes over and gives whatever directions a person may require about his future.

A number of theories have been proposed to explain crystal glazing yet science has not yet found an answer to the same. Some say that the crystal glazer hypnotizes the person and then makes him see hallucinations. Whatever the truth I still believe it is an interesting technique to know the mystical things about life.

Clairvoyance is French word which means seeing things clearly. Few possess this extraordinary sixth sense and few have it but it remains dormant through out the life. Seeing things clearly is making meaning out of utter chaos that seems to exist everywhere. It means seeing deeper spiritual connections. Clairvoyance has often mistaken as superstition or cunning way of looking at things. It stood firm through ages of time when scorchers used it to frighten people. Most of the religious prophecies were based on clairvoyance, people were simple and more trusting then and could attain the clarity that seems to be non-existent now. It is practically impossible to find person with sixth sense or the animal instinct now. There may be hardly hundred people in the whole world who have this sense. Clairvoyance teaches us that each individual has distinct colour, which are not the colour of skin but shades of personality. For example ill health
is denoted by dark green color. Optimistic people have a blue aura surrounding them. The colors also change according to moods. To keep the color intact normally the clairvoyant seer asks people to wear some rings or crystals. The clairvoyant will possess the following skills: power of magnetism, Mental health and influence, Physical health and cleanliness, moderation in everything, power of discerning auras or colors.

Both clairvoyance and crystal are used to discern the subconscious mind and understand more about a person. I think research is needed in this extraordinary meta science.