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Invisible hand of God

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This book is divided into five sections

Section One – Examines the links between spiritualism and science and takes a critical view of modern science , many of the scientific concepts and principles are interestingly enquired and it is argued that it is love which is common in the infinite universe and love if tapped smartly can run our machines in future.

Section Two
– This section is called the path towards self realization. This section explores the various methods and paths that can be adopted to attain the connection with the supreme consciousness. The universe is infinite and did not begin with a big bang according to ancient civilization’s views but rather existed infinite years ago and would continue to exist for next infinite years. The Universe has infinite intelligence and has a single consciousness and this section examines how to connect to this single consciousness

Section Three
– This section examines various behavioural sciences and tries to enquire if there is a link between behavioural science and spiritualism, various great behavioural scientists like Maslow, Freud, Carl Jung and their relevance to spiritualism and to the theory , that love prevails one and all is examined

Section Four
– This section is called esoteric sciences and different esoteric sciences like numerology, intuition, astrology are examined in a different perspective.  I feel once everyone realizes that love would drive everything in future (if it happens) then all these esoteric sciences would become more famous and more accepted, so this section examines some esoteric sciences

Section Five – This section broadly talks about Hinduism and examines how they had the same concept of Brahman (Universe) or life, Earth saw a golden era or Satya yuga or yuga of truth long time back when gods resided on earth. This section examines Hinduism in some detail and explains my research and how I rather borrowed my concepts from Hinduism. The potential of human mind is infinite and we tap only a small portion of it , by love and meditation and tantra we can tap full potential of mind , this is my belief and everyone of us can become total geniuses and connect to the universal consciousness .

2012 a New Beginning
- Earth will see a new cycle from 2012 and everyone would attempt spiritualism and hopefully there will be free energy, telecommunication by love waves and packets, space travel, visit by aliens, healthy disease free and long life, A Golden era is expected to descend on earth from 2012 and it is my hope and prayer that a new dimension is seen to everything and we will have a complete fun filled earth and heaven would descend on earth. This has been predicted by different sources including Nostradamus and let’s hopes and pray it happens

My Next Book
- I have written another book called “ Secrets and Mysteries of Zero Mind” that book would be out only next year , there I have discussed everything in a completely different angle and style , it is more like a management book with case studies and examples , but the concepts are same connecting  to nature and nature or infinity is the ultimate God and humans can at best connect to this intelligence.


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