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The Inventions are copy righted with (Copyright Number 0030900)

Image based Indexing

Description - Image based indexing is how different images can be used to index an document or text or webpage. This is an easy way of indexing where specific information can be searched and retrieved very easily. It has wide range of application like real interactive TV, web searching, easy arrangement and retrieval of information in books, book publishing and so on.

Improving the structure of Video Files

Description - This document describes how Pseudo can be used to enhance the structure of Video Files. Pseudo can be classified and can greatly improve the quality of video files and increase viewer satisfaction. This will also help in indexing and retrieving Information from Video Files.

Virtual Television or On Demand Television

Description - The document submitted describes Virtual Television or real time On Demand Television. The first section describes the various commercial features of On demand television using case studies. The Second Section describes the technical aspects and how using image based indexing Television companies can record and create videos ready for real time On Demand Television.

Free Energy

Description - Free energy- Driving machines through free energy and through the force of love. There are many documents copyrighted for this invention, like driving machines, driving spacecrafts and so on

Medicine Glasses and Surgical Equipments

Description - Medical Glasses and Surgical Instruments will totally revolutionalize medicine . The document describes complete procedures associated with it.

Telecommunication through Love Packets

Description - Telecommunication through love packets and love waves. A number of documents were submitted for this invention

Easy communication with machines

Description -  a number of documents are submitted for this invention on how one can easily communicate with machines

An innovative way to extract metals from the ore

Description - This invention talks about a new kind of chemistry and how by love we can easily extract metals all of them from its ore without going through the cumbersome process as it is now

Space travel

Description -  This invention looks at how we can easily travel in space with help of free energy