You can get details of my videos in this section. All videos are very detailed and run for over one hour, there are three videos

a) Critical View of science

This video looks at science critically and examines science by applying the principles outlined in my theory, you can buy this video ($ 3 ) by clicking the link below

b) Promises of Golden era

This video looks at the promises of forthcoming golden era starting 2012, it looks at various possiblities of golden era and outlines the future, you can buy this video ($ 3 ) by clicking the link below.

c) Infinite power of nature

This video looks at nature and describes how powerful it is. you can buy this video ($ 3 ) by clicking the link below.

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You can get details of movie scripts i have written, i write futuristic movies and write complete script with action, scene heading, dialogues and so on in standard script format, i am looking for producers for these movies and am pitching it to hollywood through various agents


I have written two books

a)    Invisible Hand of God  ( published in amazon) you can buy this book in the following links

b)           Secrets and Mysteries of zero mind ( Under Publication)

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This section outlines my invention, all of them are based on the points elucidated in my theories, the inventions are copyright with copyright number 0030900, i have to test these inventions and then patent them. The following are the inventions  for detailed description either go to my copyright or see the description in MY INVENTIONS page

Image based Indexing
Improving the structure of Video Files
Virtual Television or On Demand Television
Free Energy
Medicine Glasses and Surgical Equipments
Telecommunication through Love Packets
Easy communication with machines
An innovative way to extract metals from the ore
Space travel

This section outlines the main theories on which my inventions and this website is based , there ar five elements to  my theory

Love is the only common Pleasure in this Universe
Nature is the Ultimate God
Everything is a creation by sheer pleasure of love
Universe is infinite and began infinite years ago and would continue for next infinite years
Universe has a single consciousness

Please read my thories to get a detailed description of all my theories