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A normal mind is untamed according to Dalia Lama famous spiritual guru, and it must be made calmer and made to live in present. According to yoga sutras or Patanjali, his opening verse says “Meditation and Yoga is controlling, regulating, and stilling the gross and subtle patterns of mind field”. A normal mind is defined by Psychologist as beta mind and this mind keeps jumping from one thought tree to another , sometimes it goes to past and sometimes to future, it is never in the present and never enjoys the benefit of being in present , the mind is not still and is jumpy. It can be compared to the surface of ocean which is always disturbed and by practice of meditation specifically mindfulness it can be made as calm as deep of ocean and then the full potential of mind can be realized.

Have you ever wondered how Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity, or how Sir Albert Einstein discovered the famous principle of relativity or how Archimedes discovered his famous principle. It is said they became suddenly mindful, suddenly their mind became one pointed and Mother Nature blessed them with these great insights. Just imagine how difficult it is to think that the earth must be pulling the apple down , this is what Sir Isaac Newton observed when he saw an apple falling on his head and came with his famous gravity theory, or imagine Sir Einstein’s theory of relation between mass and energy, it is impossible for a  normal person to think that when you break mass it can release enormous amounts of energy, but Sir Einstein came with this fascinating discovery which became foundation of nuclear science , how you might as is all this possible ,are  they blessed with higher brain power ? the answer is no , in fact a clear no, they are just experiencing mindfulness for a brief glimpse of time and just because they are experiencing mindfulness, Mother Nature gives them a glimpse of the secrets of universe and fascinating discoveries emerge.

The question is can everyone become like Sir Einstein , Sir Newton  of like Archimedes , the answer is yes in fact a loud yes . There is no difference in their and our brains, probably they are just blessed with a mindful mind for a brief period of time and we can now train our mind to become mindful.  According to Buddhism everyone is a genius, in fact complete genius but we don’t realize the full potential of our mind, we are not connected to supreme and by proper training everyone can be made to realize the full potential of mind. Fritjof Capra a famous physicist says “During  periods of relaxation after concentrated intellectual activity, the intuitive mind seems to take over and can produce the sudden clarifying insights which give so much joy and delight. So physicists and neurologists are recognizing the importance of mindfulness and many are getting trained, so you should also adapt to it and start early.

You might ask how you are saying that everyone is a genius and everyone can realize the genius by meditation, the answer lays in close examination of History of Hinduism. In good old golden era or what is called as Satya Yuga which happened millions of years ago in India , everyone was attempting meditation and yoga, and there were many who had realized the full power of mind , there were many who were multiple geniuses , go to any temple in India and you will see thousands of different people who had attained calm state of mind or mindful state of mind , it is said we are again approaching Satya Yuga or Golden age or Age of Aquarius ( Supposed to start from 2012) and again spiritualism , meditation, mindfulness would become common and again many would realize the full potential of the mind

States of Consciousness

The universe or Bramhan according to Ancient Hinduism and the Vedas is infinite and began infinite years ago and will continue to exist for next infinite years. There is no beginning or ending for this universe and this is against all conventional scientific theories which say that universe had a beginning and began with a big bang (according to the famous big bang theory).  The universe according to Hinduism has a single consciousness called as cosmic consciousness or universal consciousness. The ultimate purpose of life is to connect with this single consciousness and mindfulness is the first step towards that. Once connected or once becoming completely mindful the cosmic energy continuously flows through the body and one becomes a complete genius. The ultimate purpose of life is establishing this connection; there is no better purpose of life than self realization or becoming completely and always mindful. One can never crack the intelligence of the universe, because it is too complicated and infinitely intelligent, there is no end to its intelligence, one can only connect to this consciousness and become all the time mindful. As already said everyone is a Buddha, only thing we don’t realize ourselves or don’t connect to this cosmic consciousness, by becoming mindful and by practicing mindfulness one can connect to this cosmic consciousness and become a genius

States of Mind

There has been remarkable developments in neurology and mindfulness now has scientific background .Neurologists have classified brain wave patterns into four types which are, beta waves that vibrate between 14 to 20 Hz, this is normal brain and is untamed mind, The second stage is alpha wave cycles which vibrate between 8 to13 Hz, Alpha mind is better state of mind, most of modern geniuses have alpha mind and can be developed by reasonable practice of mindfulness meditation. The third stage is theta waves 4 to 7 Hz highly calm and developed mind, mind of a multiple genius. The fourth stage is Delta mind which vibrate between 0.5 to 3 Hz, this is the mind which is called as Samadhi by Patanjali. Mindfulness Meditation when practiced regularly can change brain wave patterns from beta wave style to theta or delta waves. A Buddha mind or self realized mind probably has minimal wave patterns or zero mind patterns and is completely gelled with the nature. The purpose of mindfulness meditation and practice of mindfulness is to gradually go from beta mind to delta mind and finally zero mind

Importance of Self Realization

 Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.”

Says the great Indian Guru Shri Ramana Maharishi. Self realization is said to be the highest achievement that one can aim, Maslow classifies as highest human need in his famous hierarchy of needs (Maslow has been discussed extensively in the appendix of this book). Mindfulness is the first step towards self realization.  According to Yoga sutras of Patanjali Dhayana (Meditation), Dharna (Deep Meditation) and Samadhi (Final step) form the most important rungs of his yoga sutra.

People run after different things , some run after money, some like doing charity, some run after power, some run after some other things , but whatever the outer motive of a  person , the ultimate inner motive is to self realize , to connect to this single infinite consciousness or cosmic consciousness and mindfulness is the first step towards it.  Self realization would mean you get everything at the same time, you have money, you have power and you are everything at the same time, you are a complete multiple genius .

There is neither Past nor Future. There is only the Present.” ― Ramana Maharshi

Self realization through mindfulness would mean you are always at the present; your mind does not dwell either to the past or to the future but enjoys the present

So I have broadly introduced you to meditation and self realization . I have talked about the states of mind, states of consciousness and importance of self realization. As said once you completely realize you will become a multiple genius with talents in many arts and sciences and even if you are beginner, little amount of mindfulness meditation has lots of clear advantages

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