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Siddhis and Powers

Patanjali in his yoga sutras describes so many powers or Siddhis which come with meditation especially as one approaches Samadhi. He clearly emphasizes siddhi is not the purpose of this process rather connecting to the universal consciousness is the final aim or goal and one should be detached even to Siddhis and not aim or be happy with some siddhis or powers . If you see Ancient Hinduism the Gods and Goddess were full of powers ,they held powerful weapons or astras in their arms and had powers to disappear or fly and other fascinating powers. There are said to be around 1008 siddhis but primarily Patanjali lists around twenty of them, he has also classified as primary and secondary siddhis, without getting to much into classification the siddhis are described below.  Can one develop these siddhis in future is an important question and one has to look inwards and realize the true potential of mind then the siddhis would follow , if it happened in erstwhile golden era why should it not happen after 2012 when a new era would start and this would become widespread as we progress into golden era . Some of the siddhis are   

Anima: This is a fascinating siddhi where one can reduce the size of body to very small sizes, it is said Hanuman when he entered Lanka in Ravana’s fortress he took an extremely small size and observed everything

Mahima: This siddhi means attaining a very large size almost encapsulating the entire universe. God Krishna while delivering the Bhagvad Gita took what is called as “ Vishwa Rupa” or size of many worlds and demonstrated this siddhi .

Garima Siddhi: This siddhi would mean becoming very heavy as heavy as earth itself.  There are many examples of this Siddhi in Ancient Hinduism and one of the popular ones is called Vamana Avatara of God Vishnu where he took a massive size and weight and covered the entire earth with his legs , all this really sounds imaginative and fancy but has happened in the past long time back . In the section Hinduism, Vamana Avatara is described in greater detail .

Lighama Siddhi: This siddhi would mean becoming weightless, many in ancient past were able to levitate and discussions were held in clouds and air, the Hindi Cinema is full of such depictions , looks very fanciful but if our love theory works out all this could happen again in future

Prapti Siddhi: This siddhi means having unrestricted access to all places which simply means one can travel anywhere in space.  There is an interesting spiritual personality talked in India called Babaji who lives in Himalayas for the past it is said thousands of years and he is said to have powers to simply fly off or disappear to another planet or star or different worlds and come back after some time. Why Babaji does not disclose himself to the world and leads the world is an interesting question, probably he likes living in silence and undisturbed, but he is the current example of a person with this siddhi .

Prakamya Siddhi: This siddhi would means getting whatever one desires, but paradoxically a spiritual person seems to be free of desires, what desires are left after connecting to universal consciousness and becoming beyond death and immortal

Ishtava Siddhi: This siddhi would mean processing absolute lordship , it basically means such a spiritual person can if he or she wants become a benevolent dictator and lead everyone  and does not mean absolute power and authority

Vastava Siddhi- This is also the same and means such a spiritual person really influences life of one and all in a very positive way.

These are the primary siddhis or powers and God Ganesha is considered as Ashta Siddhar or one who processes all of the above, there were other gods also who had all the above siddhis.  There are many other siddhis like living without food and water for many days, many yogis in Himalayas have this siddhi, assuming any form desired is another interesting siddhi , ancient Hinduism is full of examples of this siddhi where Gods could take any form , animal form and so on. So these are some of the large number of Siddhis which come with meditation and as one approaches  Samadhi , probably some yogi would demonstrate all this and then the world would believe in all this but there is ample proof that all this happened in the past very long time ago.

Levels of Self Realization – There are said to be seven levels of self realization, one can aspire to become like say Patanjali or Valmiki or Vishwamitra but it is difficult to aspire to become like Ganesha or Shiva or Vishnu or Gods of other religions . This happens only according to natures will and plans , it is the highest achievement in this universe when one gets complete Brahma gyan, one gets completely gelled with nature . Shiva is really a very rare creation and is the ultimate yogi, he has ability to create goddesses and hope we have a Shiva on this planet soon.  There should be life in every star in at least one planet around the star (probably a similar life form) and there could be many Gods and Goddesses in other planets.  Who knows who lucky one as 2012
dawns is on earth?