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The question that needs to be answered is what exactly spiritual living is. How is a spiritual person different from others. Can one understand a spiritual person by seeing him itself. What is the mental state of a spiritual person. What are his capabilities? Has he realized the full potential of mind. A spiritual person always is in a state of zero mind or mindfulness. He can draw inferences from seemingly unrelated events.

One has to understand that there are different stages of spiritual enlightenment. There are great political leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders who have reached a certain stage of spiritual enlightenment without really realizing it. All their needs have been met, it is time for them to attain spiritual bliss. The Hindu gods had attained a very high level of spiritual enlightenment. Lord Goutham Buddha achieved the highest level of enlightenment. Probably there has never been and will never be a person who understood everything. Learning to love uninhibitedly is the first step towards spiritual intelligence.

The core principal of spiritual enlightenment is the concepts of inter relatedness. Lord Goutham Buddha remembered every person he met as some body whom he had seen in his past lives. He claimed to have remembered all 7 of his past lives. According to him there is a much deeper connection between us and others which could include our loved ones, our friends, our relatives and the general world in large.

One of the most difficult things we struggle is a feeling of existential despair, a sense that there is no meaning for our existence. Which means we monotonously do our jobs, have relationships, which are just boring and lead our lives in a very steady state fashion? The only excitement might be going to parties, drinking or probably going to discos or engaging in some sport. Though these give us a sense of tejavu however we are far removed from the real mysteries of the world or the universe itself.

One of the things one has to understand is that the cosmic principles and natural laws are always at work. Things do not just happen in random. There is a complex bio net that God weaves which controls our lives. However we are also free to do our karmic tasks to the best of our ability. Through meditation and charity we can overcome negative karmic balances and get the first glimpse of this bio net.
The basic form of spiritual intelligence is to understand the bio net. Higher form of spiritual intelligence can lead to clairvoyance, mind reading, healing powers, shape shifting, shifting from one body to another and very high level of powers. Perhaps the highest form spiritually intelligent person alive today is Shri Shri Bangaru Adigalar. He started off in a small way and his philosophy has spread worldwide. He has great curative powers that astound doctors. There are other highly spiritual leaders in India like Shri Saibaba, Shri Ravishankar, Smt Amrita Nadna Mai Shri Sankaracharya etc. Amrita Nadamai is just a fountain of love. The only feeling she has is uninhibited love.

Tibet is an exciting place to learn spirituality. Shri Dalai Lama is probably the highest form of spiritually intelligent person.

Spiritual intelligence leaves us with a state of complete calmness or shanthi in Hindi. We all go through ups and downs in life. At certain times we are elated and other times we are absolutely depressed. A spiritual person will have a more balanced state of mind. He would not unduly be worried about disparities.

A person with zero state of mind need not necessarily be a non-violent person. Hindu religion is full of aggressive Gods who used to kill rakshasas (extremely evil) who were also in a zero state of mind. During the Mahabharata war Lord Krishna asked Arjuna to kill his every enemy even though they were his cousins, his teachers, his uncles etc. The karmic task before Arjuna who was also in a zero state of mind was to kill his enemies and remove the negativity. Even though the act of killing can be questioned, at that situation it seemed like the correct karmic task, which would not add to negative karmic balance in fact, would be considered as a positive karmic balance.

A human life is an amazing gift from God. Probably it is the only form of life kind that can relate to God himself. There is no point wasting our human life with meaningless activities. There is no point keeping our schedule so busy that we hardly have time to relax. It is essential that everyone engage in some form of meditative activity and some form of physical activity to get the best of the wonderful human form that God has given us. Life is too short to be wasted in meaningless activity. We all are energy of love. There is endless energies inside each of us.

Meditation would then help to realize our full self.

We need to open up what is called the Buddhist heart. A heart full of love. A heart full of hate is also surprisingly considered a Buddhist heart. Probably Hitler was the only example of a heart, which was full of evil and hate. Hitler could think of nothing but hatred to mankind. But today when there is all round economic progress there is no point in developing a Buddhist hatred heart.
I think it is time we start looking inwards to find that Buddhist heart. India is on threshold of development. So many positive things are happening. There are slogans that “ India is shining”. World is looking at India as a global manpower and outsourcing base. At this point developing spiritual intelligence would really propel us further. I think meditation classes should be introduced in schools. Businesses should try hard to bring out the immense creative force that comes in through spiritual intelligence.

Inside each one of us is a basic form of goodness and purity. Around that are layers of hatred, jealousy and ill will. By meditating constantly one can remove that ill will. But meditation alone is not sufficient to remove the ill will. It is absolutely essential that some form of charity is to be done. Dan and Dharam (Charity) would immediately raise us to higher spiritual form.

What happens when one attains the zero state of mind. Our mind becomes fully aware of its potential. Anything can be done by some one with Zero state of mind. He can sing complicated tunes with out formal background in music. He can analyze any complex mathematics or science. He would fully appreciate the beauty of science, He could appreciate even complex theories of great people like Einstein. In other words somebody with zero state of mind can do so much that one would not be sure what to do.

A person with zero state of mind can read others quickly. He can appreciate what others feel. He can understand both their sorrows and happiness. He could relate well with people. He could become a great leader . All our leaders like prime minister, president have a highly spiritual mind , only thing they are just slightly away from total free state of mind.

A person with Zero State of mind is mindful. Which means he can see complicated connections between different things that happen in the world. There were people like Nostradamus who could also see the future. That level of spiritual intelligence is very difficult to achieve today, nevertheless one can achieve anything with a zero mind.

A person with meditative state of mind has very authentic presence. He can be spotted in a crowd. His voice modulation and quality would be very high. He is capable of multi tasking. He can handle multiple assignments in his office. He can shine in whichever path he chooses. The authenticity is sometimes confused with authority. Generally people with such a state of mind are very conscious of feelings of others. The instinctively judge what the other person is expecting of him. In case of a negative expectations the authority comes through.

Probably the most important thing with a person with zero mind is living in present. He lives each moment as it passes. He is in no hurry for anything because he finds pleasure in doing nothing. There is no urgency in him for any action. He meditates each of his moves. He plans carefully because he is so confident of himself. He does not worry about his past because past is dead for him. He looks at future with a fully positive mind because he knows future is going to be good.

Ones Intelligence Quotient should not be confused with spiritual intelligence. One does not need high IQ’s to be spiritually intelligent. Just like an educated person can achieve it so can an beggar on the streets. Spirituality should also not be confused with science. Spirituality and science co-exist, science is essential for economic progress, comfort, ease etc and spirituality is essential to enjoy all these comforts. Great scientists had a very high IQ but also had a very high Spiritual Quotient though they themselves never realized it. However they used it to think differently than others. Just like Buddha achieved self – realization sitting under the Bodhi tree so did Newton realize about gravity sitting under an Apple tree. Only the levels of realizations were different. Newton realized the force of gravity that pulls down the apple where as Buddha realized the natural laws that control this universe.

Every Human is born with an in built desire for spiritual enlightenment. Unfortunately after some point he starts thinking that money drives that satisfaction. He aims at money and more money. He works seventeen hours a day to realize that money. However as soon he reaches a certain networth, he toils further to keep maintaining the networth and the standard of living that he is so much used to. However constant toiling neither gives him the happiness he desires, he is afraid of losing it all. His health then takes a toll on him and finally he takes a life form based on his karmic balances.

I have discussed the forms of meditation in detail illustrating the various forms like mantra, tantra, image form and other types like musical or dancing meditation. Meditation has to be done silently and as frequently as possible preferably with a light stomach. It is important to wear light clothing and be in a calm and silent atmosphere.

But meditation alone can lead you to salvation and by serving humanity without feeling to righteous about it . It is important to just give away money without feeling to great about it. One must enjoy the pleasures or giving money. At least 20% of whatever one earns should be given out to poorer and weaker sections of the society. I really appreciate organizations like Banyan, Cry and others who have done so much to society.

I heard a story that when Mother Theresa was in her deathbed. Some body wondered is she happy with whatever she has done in her life. The answer was surprising no because she wanted to do much more and was unhappy that God had ended her life when she could have accomplished much more. Even in her last breath she was worrying about the downtrodden and weaker sections of society. A true saint in all respects.

The core of Buddhism says that each of us is capable of being a Buddha. We are all Buddhas. Each of has the infinite reservoir of joy and love. Only thing we get entangled so much in life that the monotony takes toll on us and keeps us away from the infinite joy and happiness. The modern principle of living is to work hard and play hard. But playing hard unfortunately means drinking hard. If playing hard had implied good sex, engagement in games and sport or meditation itself we would lead our life in much better way.

There is so much frenzy now on genetic research. There is a possibility of developing human clones. Cloning has already been done with animals. However no body spends time in developing his own spiritual DNA. What is a point in cloning a person when we already have over 6 bn people in earth with hardly a few who have developed the spiritual DNA. A person’s nature and character depends more on the environment is in rather than the DNA that he is made of. We can never create another Abraham Linchon, Gandhi, or Mother Theresa by just cloning. Genetic research at best could find us ways to cure many diseases like cancer or Aids.

There is often a conflict between spiritualism and science. Scientist don’t accept spiritual leaders while spiritual leaders always feel that scientist know nothing. I am an engineer a good one and myself too. I understand every sphere of science and am always enamoured by science. Spiritualism just gives you a state of mind where anything and everything can be absorbed. A spiritual person can appreciate and understand science better if he spends time absorbing it. There is no point in a spiritual person denying science. They are both related streams of thought. I cannot imagine a world without science. Ever since the great industrial revolution of 1857 life has improved tremendously. Cures have been found for diseases, life expectancy has improved, Internet has made the world a global village, travel has become comfortable and we owe all this to the great like Newton, Einstein and so many others.
Another conflict one comes across is the conflict between business and spiritualism. Buddha relates an important incident that set rest to this conflict. It seems a great businessman came to him and asked him if he should relinquish everything and enter spiritual living. Buddha said since the business man has been blessed with talent to earn money he should use his talent to earn and then donate money. His karmic task in this janma (birth) is to earn money with his talent and then help the weak. This alone would enable him to attain spiritualism. Often one finds spiritual leaders hating business people. Spiritualism requires a complete indifference towards money however if one can earn and distribute he is the highest form of spiritual leader.

There is also a lot of pretense about spiritualism. I find a number of people claiming that they have attained self-realization by going to meditation classes for couple of months. I find people saying their chakras have opened. Being proud about self-realization itself means that you have not realized anything. It is not for you but for others to say that one has achieved self-realization. There is nothing to be proud about it. The pride itself will bring you back to a lower form of living.

There is also a lot of magic associated with spiritualism. Spiritual leaders seem to create matter from thin air. The Hindu epic Mahabharata is full of warriors who used to get weapons from thin air. As I have already indicated I am just a beginner in the spiritual journey. Whether these things can be done or not is beyond my capability of understanding. But remember Einstein said to create mass you need infinite amounts of energy. His famous equation E= MC^2 indicates that enormous, enormous amounts of energy is required to create even a gram of matter. As I had already indicated I am always enamored by science, so I would discount that creating matter from thin air is just not possible. Probably some spiritual leaders used magic or tricks to make believe that they have achieved higher form of consciousness.
Spiritual Paradox

It is important to understand spiritual paradox. Many people would wonder and start mediating to attain zero state of mind. But unfortunately unless you say that I don’t want the zero mind such a state would never come to you. Unless you say I don’t want money, large sums of money would not flow to you. Say no to everything you want and the Lords will give you whatever you want.

Some measures to check whether you are moving in the right direction.

•    A spiritual person is always understands inter-relatedness. He understands that each and every living form is inter-related
•    A spiritual person is in a state of rest , which means his body movements are very slow and steady

•    A spiritual person is never judgmental. He gets bored understanding the normal IQ of the person.

•    A spiritual person enjoys his present, he does not worry about past or future. He always lives in present
•    A spiritual person hardly has any interest in conflict, fights, wars etc. Most spiritual leaders are non-violent.

•    A spiritual person enjoys silence and is generally not afraid of anything

So to get a zero state of mind, first thing one must say I am happy with my present life and do not need such a state of mind. One must also take pleasures in charity or giving money, locking up money and thinking too much of money will keep you away from spiritual realization.