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Please read the Video “ Promises of Golden Era “ for a complete perspective on what lies ahead . These are just possible possibilities and future should be  bright as time turns favourable . The video has good audio effects and can be downloaded from MY VIDEOS.

Some interesting perspective on future is given below

It is difficult to predict the future because variables guiding them are infinite and only Nostradamus and few others claimed to have seen some clues as to how things will shape up going forward. I have only attempted to make a logical analysis of how things will shape up from now. I have also not specified a time line like all this would happen in the next 50 years and that would happen in the next 100 years. We are also not sure whether these developments and other possible developments would be a gradual process or would happen in lumps one after the other. Nevertheless I have presented my views on how things would shape up in future.  Earth would see a new Cycle from 2012 this has been predicted by different sources, heavens are said to descend on earth, there is expected to be free energy, telecommunication by love packets, space travel, visit by aliens, long healthy life, interplanetary trade, conquering diseases all this sounds imaginative but has been predicted ,so I have in this book given a view on all this.

Free Energy - In another fifty to hundred years the world would run out of fossil fuels like oil, coal and newer methods would need to be devised to run our electric, electronic and other equipments. Nuclear fission and Nuclear fusion could be one possible solution to the energy crisis but I think we will have free energy soon. Everything could run by pure pleasure of love, as already explained it is love which exists in nucleus of atom and it is love which holds us to earth and it is love if tapped smartly would run our machines in future

New Telecom - Telecommunication could see newer angles and would be through love waves and packets. There are serious limitations to electromagnetic waves which is currently used in telecommunication there are speed limitations and bandwidth limitations Love waves and packets can travel at infinite velocities, what is the limitation for speed for love and can store enormous amount of data , there is no limitation on the amount of data it can store or transmit . We can in fact telecommunicate to aliens living in distant stars and galaxies, there is no need for satellites as love waves will travel in a curved path and can reach one and all. So you can pick up the phone and speak to an alien in a distant galaxy.

Space Travel
- Space travel could be possible and easy. Space ships could travel by pleasure of love and attain very high and close to infinite velocities. There is no limitation to speed and there is no limitation to space exploration, aliens could visit us and we would visit them and we will have a trading relationship with them. Aliens would be attractive as only love can travel so far ,they won’t look evil like what is shown in movies but will be so attractive and beautiful. Humans are the highest form of evolution in the entire universe and beyond humans there is only gods like Shiva or Ganesha or Gods of other religions, so aliens would visit us and would be as attractive as humans and we will explore space. Matter has to be respected and given consciousness and then matter will decide where  to take us. The universe is infinite and we can explore only life and planets which matter deems fit. Nature or infinity is a master planner and has probably planned all this and we will visit planets which nature intends us to visit.

Interplanetary trade and banking could be common. Many things can be traded with different civilizations settled in distant galaxies. Trading could be that of services like software, books, movies and other creative work or even that of goods. Just like trade happens say between America and India trade would happen between different planets. Humans themselves would settle in different planets and would rather become splintered and trade would happen between them. Enormous wealth for earth and for the individuals and society as a whole would be generated by trade, in Satya Yuga wealth also approaches very high values close to infinity.

Self Realization by Many
- During the next few years many may attempt attaining the Buddha mind or Zero mind and many would succeed in attaining it. There are no prerequisites for this and anybody good can attain this state of mind. Karmic balances decides where you are born, what kind of work you will do etc however does not stop one from attaining the Buddha mind. According to Hinduism you can be a genius with positive frame of mind, who we refer as Gods and also you can develop great powers with negative frame of mind called as Asuras and in ancient days frequent conflicts used to occur between Gods and Asuras and always the positive Buddha won. There is infinite potential inside everyone and the focus would turn internal and this potential would be realized, many infact all in the erstwhile Golden era were geniuses and this would happen again

Attaining a Buddha mind means attaining a child’s mind where learning is faster. There may not be a dramatic improvement in IQ levels and your personality and life style will not change unless you attempt to change it. Your knowledge of various subjects also cannot be acquired by attaining zero mind. What I am trying to imply is just by attaining zero mind you cannot understand engineering or finance or medicine. However the learning of newer sciences or philosophies would become faster just as a child instinctively and quickly picks up various skills within a short span of time. In future I expect engineers with zero mind, business school graduates with zero mind and uneducated people with such a state of mind. Surprisingly in India we have many who have attained it. The list is endless like Bangaru Adigalar, Sri Shankaracharya, Sri Ravishankar, Mahesh Yogi, Rajneesh, Mata Amritanadamai, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Vivekanada and so on and so forth. I expect that in near future many would fulfill the complete Maslow hierarchy of needs that includes physiological needs, security needs, esteem needs and self-actualization.

Metaphysical sciences like astrology, numerology, vaastu, I-ching could gain more popularity
and will be explained in a logical and scientific fashion. Nevertheless these must be used with lot of caution and care and rules governing them are complex and there is frequent possibility of misinterpretation. The astrologer or the numerologist must spend longer time than what is done now before giving predictions. Higher level of metaphysical activity, which was common among Hindus long time back, could again develop. Activities like shifting of soul, shifting of soul from humans to animals, existence of gods with multiple heads and hands, existence of gods with human head and animal body (Lord Ganesha) might again become a reality.

Medicine could see newer meanings. Most of the diseases would be cured by power of love , surgeries would become painless using love equipments and surgical devices and any amputated or disfigured limb or organ can be rectified so we may not have any handicapped person at all . Most of the diseases would be conquered the world would be disease free.

Tantra and Kamasutra could gain prominence
and will be used as one of the ways to attain zero mind. Sex could be more pleasurable, could last longer and woud help in developing happier personalities Sex is a clear door to super consciousness and techniques could be developed to make sex longer and more pleasurable  

Animals should be given their natural surroundings
and would live as nature expects them to live.

Music could become universal
and different forms of music will be amalgamated to create newer forms of music. Music as in the past would be used to control nature. For instance singing raga amritavarshini correctly and with full passion would cause immediate rains. Similarly if Deepak raga is sung with passion it would cause fire.

Cultural changes could take place across the world
where the best of eastern culture and the best of western culture would be amalgamated to provide a neutral mutually agreeable culture . Probably the society would stop living like hydrogen atom which is one male for one female and newer forms of social structure as it was common in ancient past would emerge.
I really don’t know and have no view on things like Time travel, where in you can go to your past or future could be possible. Even as per Hindu philosophy Kala Chakra or Time Cycle rotates forward only and cannot be reversed. So don’t expect any breakthrough in Time Travel

Finally we will again have Gods on the planet
, there will be a few who would conquer death by meditative practices and become Gods. Once we have a male God it is easy to create female goddesses through practice of Tantra . In the erstwhile Golden Era we had many gods like Shiva, Ganesha or Vishnu and may goddesses like Saraswathi, Lakshmi or Parvathi ,It appears as though after some time they left earth and found different planets to settle down as Kali Yuga started and Kali began to run everything ,so once Satya Yuga starts from 2012 we will again have Gods who will spread fun laughter and happiness to one  and all . Shiva is really a very very rare creation, it depends on  meditation, natures will and host of other factors . Hopefully we will have another Shiva on this planet.

All these things are purely my view and I have done enough research to corroborate my view. I have also drawn detailed patents on all these areas like telecommunication by love packets and love waves, free energy, space travel , medicine equipments and surgical devices and so on . These patents have been drawn with lot of passion and will be put to examination soon, so if these patents work out then things would really be fantastic otherwise I hope to at least present a new view point and hope that someone takes the lead and develops something which runs by pure pleasure of love or mind

I don’t claim expertise in any subject, I am not an expert in science or religion or spiritualism. I just have humbly presented an interesting perspective and have made some inventions which might just work out . I sincerely practice the techniques described in this book for attaining self realization and have reached at least a reasonable calm of mind. I rather vehemently believe love is the common thing either in a society or in atoms or keeping us on earth and we need to very very smartly tap this power of love to run everything, why keep machines in a state of shock for years together, so someone should wrap up sleeves and discover something to run everything just by sheer power of love. I have presented a very positive future and this has been predicted by many like Nostradamus and others. We should have peace now for the next billions of years and explore inner self and connect to universal consciousness.


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