Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest of all?" to which the mirror always replies "You, my queen, are fairest of all.. The Queen then asks ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the sharpest of them all “to which the mirror replies “My queen, all of us are equally sharp, only thing we have to realize our sharpness “. The Queen  then  asks “Mirror ,Mirror on the wall , who  is the best in  Music “ to which the mirror replies “ My dear Queen – Music is an art ,there have been  many who have been good and many who will be good in future “ . The Queen gets irritated, I want specific replies. The queen then shows the figure given above (called Ying Yang) and asks “Mirror, Mirror on the wall –what is the meaning of this figure”.  There is a slow rumbling sound and then a crash and the mirror breaks into thousand pieces and crashes with a loud boom. “The Magic Mirror Broke “ , “ The Magic Mirror Broke into thousand pieces “ …………….. “ Sunil this is the third time you are running naked out the bath room – thank God we don’t have children – I am really ashamed or you – what do you think of  yourself – Archimedes” Sunil shout s excitedly  “ The Mirror broke , the Mirror Broke “ . His wife calls out “Stop day dreaming Sunil and get ready for office – It is your first day as a journalist with Dainkik Bhaskar.

Sunil Sharma is no academic genius; he just managed to scrap through the Patna University with a degree in Journalism. Through some influence he managed to get a temporary job in Dainik Bhaskar, a leading local language newspaper. Today is his first day with the Newspaper. But Sunil is a dreamer, right from childhood half the time he spent practically in dreaming crazy things. It is not that he is a Archimedes in making  or has found out great things – he just loves dreaming .His latest  area of fascination  has been the Ying Yang – an  esoteric figure whose meaning looks very complex .  Sunil did a lot of research on  Ying Yang and is yet to find out any suitable explanation for it . He somehow believes that Ying Yang holds a key to many secrets of the Universe but does not know how to decipher the secret.  Nevertheless he shuts his mind away from Ying Yang and prepares for the first day of work with  his Newspaper . Sunil is married to Kala, his childhood flame, who somehow tolerates all his day dreaming and is happy with him.

“So this is the new man “the Editor of The Dainik Bhasker snaps out .  The editor of Daink Bhasker is a big man .  He is known for both toughness with his employees and his appreciation for original and creative work . He gleans over Sunil and tells him “ I want you to produce something  original for me –thinks of anything any topic in  business or religion or whatever – do research and write something original “ Sunil hesitantly opens up the picture of Ying Yang  and shows to the Editor . The editor snaps “ What the fck is this – good topic anyway – do research and come back to me with a detailed article in two weeks time “. “ I want good original work “

Emperor Chui Hui cracks the whip like a ringmaster does in lion’s cage. He closely resembles the News Paper Editor and Sunil is all tied up and presented before the Emperor. The Emperor barks and whips Sunil?” What is the meaning of the figure –what secrets does it contain – tell me “he whips Sunil again.  Sunil manages to mutter “ I don’t know emperor Chui  Hui – I am trying to find out what it means “ “ Liar “ Emperor Chui Hui barks “ Liar –whip him a hundred times “ .  Sunil pleads “Emperor Chui Hui give me some time,  I will find out and tell you the complete meaning of the figure”.  Emperor Chui Hui  barks “ I give you two weeks time –find out what it means – tell me the secret of the universe “ he whips again .  “Two weeks, Two weeks …………… “Sunil what are you mumbling two weeks, two weeks …. It is two o clock in the night ………don’t bore me, sleep now. Sunil mutters “Two weeks, Two weeks “and goes to sleep

“If you don’t know – Ask “Sunil is reminded of his father who used to say this often.  So Sunil decides that he is going to go around and ask, Sunil decides to ask everyone scientists, philosophers, friends, saints and so on a get a good meaning of this Ying Yang. He was not sure if the approach is correct but should be a good beginning. Meanwhile he can read up a do a lot of research on Ying Ying. He was reminded of the his boss like Emperor Chui Hui and his deadline of two weeks, he should be able to gather enough information in two weeks

Sheetal is a sweet girl, she is a like an elder girlfriend for Sunil . Sunil likes Sheetal because, he has a mild crush on her and she is open on discussing any issue. Sheetal managed to scrap through Patna University with a degree in biology and likes linking up biology to any issue. She looks into any issue with her shall we say biological eyes.  After finishing Biology Sheetal is trying to put her biological aptitude to good use but is not able to find avenues for the same ,her parents want to marry her off now ,but Sheetal has other biological plans .  So when Sunil shows her the picture of Ying Yang ,she smiles and says “these two are really intricately engaged “ Sunil blinks and says “ I don’t understand “ . “ Sunil –you don’t understand many simple things –how do you expect understand something complicated” . Sunil blinks and says “ But do you  have male shall I say bacteria and female bacterial and I mean is this the way they get  engaged “ . Sheetal thinks over and says “ How boring it would be for bacteria if  it did not have a male or a female counter part – poor bacterial  I feel sorry for them if you knew if they don’t  have counterparts “ Sunil  says “ Sheetal  -this figure is said to contain many intricate meaning of the world – it is not  your stupid bacteria or virus engaged intricately”. Sheetal  smiles and says “ Is there any other bigger meaning in this universe than  getting intricately engaged –by the way have you tried like the bacteria –its  called sixty… “Sunil again blinks and Sheetal says “You are a nut Sunil, I don’t think you will be ever able to find full meaning of this stupid figure “.  Sunil doesn’t know what to say and goes to meet his next interviewee.

Saint Ramanand is famous in Patna. Well actually he was a ruffian. All the time he spent smoking and drinking and was a local rowdy. One day some one suggested him that there is lot of money in becoming a saint, all one needs is a good tongue and a couple of simple magic tricks . So Ramanaad sported a nice beard , hired a nice pair of long clothes , smeared his head with vermillion  , migrated to Patna and now is  one of the great saints of  Patna .  But few know his background and understand that he is just a fake.  People come to him for all kinds of problems. Some one says “Crop has failed this year – We don’t know what to do “ Saint Ramanand would look suggestively up and say “ Everything is Bramhan – your Ancestors are very angry– they need to be appeased – your village should do a puja (Prayer) to appease the ancestors. The Villagers nod in agreement .So Ramanand does Puja for them – budget –Rs 50,000 –and makes a cool – Rs 30000 from the Puja. “Next Year you would get rain – he assures the villagers – your ancestors are very happy with the Puja –they are appeased “ .The villagers are happy ,everyone is assured that next year the rain gods will not fail them.  So when Sunil approaches Saint Ramanand, he gets a good audience. Saint Ramanand likes newspapers and magazines and so on. They make him famous; his lines are quoted and discussed, so the saint warmly welcomes Sunil.  Sunil shows him the figure and asks him what could it mean . Saint Ramanand looks at the figure for some time –he has never seen something like this and knows no meaning of the figure. He displays the figure to his devotees –there is murmur – the saint is going to reveal a great secret – the greatest secret of the universe “.The saint says “ This figure means Om – everything is a part of Bramhan and everything began with Om”. His Devotees murmur – the saint knows everything.  Sunil objects “ I don’t see any O or M in the figure –how do you say it means Om “ . The saint again begins “The young man is doubting my abilities – how can he see what I can see , I can see the future of the world when I close my eyes “ . The saint continues “The young man only sees the surface of things –while I see deep, very deep”.  The Saint closes his eyes and says “Everything is Bramhan or pure consciousness “ he waves his hands and gets a flower ( Magic) and presents to Sunil . So now you have my blessings, don’t worry about the figure only saints can understand its meaning, its meaning is very deep, very deep, I can see it , you  can’t.

Sunil’s next stop is with Professor Bandopadhya. Profcessor Bandhopadya teaches at the Patna University and his area of expertise is advanced Physics.  The Professor is a good man, know-ledged and sincere about the knowledge he has .He doesn’t bluff and says an clear no to things he is not capable of or cannot do. So when Sunil shows him the figure of Ying Yang and questions him on what it means, the professor wonders whether to simply say that he does not understand. But the professor looks at Sunil’s innocent face and decides to give some explanation to the figure. “Well “the professor speaks “ I think this figure means in nature everything is perfectly balanced or  you can say the positive which is Yang and the negative which is Ying is perfectly balanced . The professor continues take an atom for instance the electron or negative elements ane perfectly balanced with positive elements or protons .You  don’t find an atom where this balance is lost . The professor says – even if you take heavy elements like Uranium or Plutonium here also they emit alpha or beta rays to restore balance, In nature the state is that of balance, every element seeks balance. So If you break the balance, lets say by charging a metal then again the state of balance is fast restored, matter does not like a state of imbalance.  So the professor says – the universe has a perfect balance between the positive and negative - is that a good explanation – the professor asks pleased with himself.  Sunil wonders what to say – he does not understand too much of Physics – so nods in agreement.

Emperor Chui Hui pokes a Knife in front of Sunil and asks him “Two days, what have you found out – what have you found out .  Emperor I am working on it , Sunil mumbles , give me time emperor – it means perfect balance between positive and negative –It means bacteria are intricately engaged – it means Bramhan – sixty four –sixty four –give me time Emperor . Emperor Chui Hui pushes him from the Bench.  Sunil, Sunil, Nut you have fallen from the bed – Are you a kid – falling like this from Bed –stop mumbling and sleep.

Sunil decides to “read before asking “. He now has varied opinion about his famous figure, so he decides to research a bit himself to understand the same . So he approaches a local library and shows the figure to the librarian. The librarian ponders over and says “Looks like Chinese Stuff “, check out in the Spiritual and Chinese sections.  Finally Sunil manages to get a book on Ying Yang and pursues through the book. He understands from the book that Ying Yang is a Chinese symbol denoting duality of every phenomenon. Ying represents the female part and is characterized as soft, slow, substantial, water, cold, conserving, tranquil, gentle, and corresponds to the night where as Yang corresponds to male part  and is characterized as hot, fire, restless, hard, dry, excitement, non-substantial, rapidity, and corresponds to the day.  He reads through an example which says that the maximum effect of one quality will be followed by the transition toward the opposing quality. In other words, once the maximum Yang aspect has manifest, such as the long days of summer, this will be followed by the transition toward the Yin aspect, with the shortening of the days as winter approaches.  So in other words if summer represents Yang and winter represents Ying and so when we have long days in summer, it will be followed by the ying pat that are short days in winter. Sunil has a lot of questions, is the ying and yang equal forces or equal  portions of any phenomenon or does it dynamically change . Is there any phenomenon that cannot fall under the preview of Ying Yang, why is there duality in nature, why is there cyclicity in nature. Sunil ponder over these questions and decides to interview further

Shosho is a Tantra Master.  He has a small rather secret Ashram in Patna. Though Tantra is well talked about especially in the western society, the practice in India and even in west is shrouded in secrecy. It is rather talked as hushed whispers and in low tones .in India.  Tanrtric practices are also unfortunately associated with drugs and so on which is not entirely true and makes the practice even more difficult to understand.  All of Shosho’s clients are foreigners who seek a respite from their hectic lives in the western world and are naturally attracted to esoteric things. So Sunil is led through a narrow passage into the rather secret Ashram and meets Shosho.  Shosho rather nervously looks at Sunil , he does not like reporters , they write crazy stories about Tantra without fully understanding what it is and spread bad words about the Ashram .  They take crazy snaps through their hidden cameras and at one point the Ashram itself was about to be closed because of these stupid newspaper snoopers.  So Sunil is not welcome here unlike other places where he readily gets an invitation. After much pursuance through known sources Sunil managed to get an appointment with Shosho. Though Shosho is in a hurry to finish the interview, when Sunil shows the figure of Ying Yang, Shosho could not but help smiling; this was interesting thing and is the core of Tantric practice. Well he chuckles this figure represents complete and perfect union of male and female which is very difficult to see in nature. It seems only Shiva and Shakti were capable of such union and made love for many hours to achieve this union , No other God not ever Vishnu is attributed with achievement of complete sexual union.  Shosho continues; when such an union is achieved there is complete calmness and zero and one is able to reach to the source of everything or connect to the universal consciousness.  So such an union represents complete zero.  In this ashram we teach various techniques and practices to achieve this union though as I said earlier only Shiva and Shakthi so far in the entire history of human race have achieved such a state.  Sunil is happy he has found some good explanation for the figure, what happens when such a union is achieved he quizzes. Well the Guru chuckles there is something missing in the figure, you should also have the kundaini forces represented in the figure, so when such a union is achieved the Kundalini rises from the base of spine and pierces the various chakras and is released from the head chakra and merges with the infinite consciousness and a state of perfect zero is achieved. Nature normally does not allow such sexual union as it would open doors to all supernatural and only through rigorous yogic practices can one aim at such a union. Sunil thanks Shosho, goes around the ashram and then bids good bye to Shosho.

Ballu Prasad is a local politician.  Ballu loves showing off and flaunting his half baked knowledge on many issues. He is a kind of person who never admits that he does not know something so is ready to discuss and give views on every issue. Ballu always carries a Lathi or a heavy stick, it gives him a menacing look and often he flaunts his Lathi when he speaks almost intimidating the interviewer and this makes the poor interviewer ask fewer questions. Ballu waves the Lathi at Sunil and asks him to sit down . Sunil shows him the figure of ying yang and asks Ballu what it means.  “ This is spiritual Stuff “ Ballu  asks Sunil – he better be clear on the area before showing off what he knows.  “Well yes “Sunil replies actually it denotes complete balance of positive and negative .  Ballu smiles “Yes I know that “he says. Ballu again quizzes “ This is related to you know .. that thing ?? “ Sunil again replies that it is the complete union of male and female counterparts .  Baklu thinks over well in politics it is like the ruing party and opposing party they represent positive and negative side, so to speak . Well I am always on the positive side .Ballu continues “But in  politics there is no complete balance between the ruling and opposing party – if it were be then no decision can be taken and the parliament will be hug so your figure does not apply to politics . Sunil wonders this is what the Tantra master said it is very difficult to get complete union , he wonders does this apply to all situations , for instance now in politics it is impossible to have a perfect balance and such balance would prove futile . Ballu smiles he has an answer for everything even if it were a complicated spiritual issue ,no wonder he is aiming to become the minister of railways soon ,he would turn the railways upside down .  Ballu asks Sunil “You will quote me in your article ?? “ . Sunil says he will write about the impossibility of attaining a perfect balance in politics. Sunil thanks Ballu and moves on.

Shakhee is an item girl , she dances all those skimpy numbers in Hindi films . She made a famous statement once “ The more is shown the more it sells” .It seems once a movie director  asked her to remove clothes for a dance ,she started removing everything ,shocked the director said –we are only making a Hindi  film not blue film (Oh !! so there is a difference !!)  – may be later in the night in my cabin  you can do all that .  So that is Shakhee who loves dropping off everything, she has a huge following especially in Bihar and her assets manage to win many hearts.  Shakhee loves to talk and loves to flaunt off on many issues, she is aiming big, in-fact everything about her is big and she only likes big things.  So when Sunil showed her the figure of Ying Yang, Shakhee threw her head back and laughed.  She quizzed Sunil “Are you married “Sunil said “Yes” and told her he knew what she would ask next.  ‘No, No” I did not mean that Shakhee protested               “Actually this figure means perfect or equal dominance of male and female – almost perfect which is very difficult in nature –for instance in my case normally I dominate the men and satisfy them while they cannot do the same to me – you know what I mean – so in my case the ying or female is dominant. I have not found a man who could -you know what I mean – dominate me in the act. So that is the meaning of your figure who dominates and your figure represents perfection where both the female and male are equally and fully satisfied which is very rare.  Shakhee urges Sunil to write what she has said –it is interesting thing-she finished saying. Sunil agreed to write her views and wondered that everyone is saying the same thing that this kind of perfect zero is difficult and is not generally found in nature.

The Editor of Dainak Bhasker gleans over Sunil and peers into him. The Editor is a big man and resembles Emperor Chui Hui. The Editor looks into the information Sunil has collected and is pleased.  “Young Man “– You have done some good digging. He thinks for a moment and says “I have a friend in China, my friend is a Zen master, a famous Zen master – I can arrange a telephonic interview with him – that might be helpful to you Sunil thanks the Editor.  Sunil closes his eyes and sees Emperor Chui Hui . Emperor Chui Hui is pleased with Sunil and asks to whip him softly – you have done some good work – ten whips for that. Emperor Chui Hui barks – but you have only collected views – we don’t know how it will open doors to Supernatural and what is so divine about this figure – The Emperor whips him again and tells him –find the true meaning of the figure –find the true meaning of the figure.

 “So you want to know the meaning of Ying –Yang is it??” the Zen master asks Sunil over the telephone.  Sunil with a quick yes tells him about the digging he has been doing.  The Zen master chuckles and says “Yes it is true it represents the positive and negative or male and female side of everything – you should not interpret female as negative (It is other way round I guess- know what I mean) The Zen master jokes.  So everything in nature has two sides to it. You are right saying that in practical situations like politics, sex, science this balance is not perfect, but it said in overall nature the balance is perfect. But that is only one side of the story, in-fact only half of the story. There is an element of cyclicity involved in it.  I will give you an example from your own Hindu texts . The Zen master continues “As you may be aware – There are Four Yugas or periods that  the earth has  through , the first was the Golden Age or Satya Yuga. During the Golden Age good dominated so in your figure the good section was more prominent, though there was evil it was good that was dominant , Gods ruled the earth , there were demons but they were  subjugated by Gods , truth prevailed ,goodness prevailed .However as we progressed towards later Yugas , evil or bad became dominant .  Now we are in the Kali Yuga or last of the Yugas in the Cycle and now it is said evil prevail over good. That’s why we have corruption in high places, delayed justice, theft, murder, terrorism and so on.  It is difficult to survive today being completely good as evil or bad prevails over good. Again we will have another Satya Yuga when again good will prevail over evil. The Zen master continued saying – it is not that good or bad was missing in any era only thing the dominance is cyclical.  So in every natural phenomenon you would see the balance between positive and negative and the cyclical dominance of one over the another.  Sunil agreed to the Zen master and wondered about Shakhee who said she was always dominating in the act, Sunil could not help wondering when she would find a match, and probably that’s also a cycle.  

Shiva Kumar is a priest in a local temple. His job is to do daily prayers, decorate the statue of Gods, do Abhishekam that is using various liquids like milk and so on to bathe the statues. The Temple is run by a trust which is partly affiliated to the Government. Shiva Kumar does not get too much as salary but off late there has been heavy crowds in temple and more people are engaged  in charitable and devotional activities so off late Shiva Kumar has seen a surge in his income though he is not too sure why there is a sudden interest in spirituality .  Nevertheless Shiva Kumar is happy that  more people are taking to God and believing in  a superior force rather a superior love force . When Sunil  asks him about Ying Yang , Shiva Kumar meditates for some time before giving  an answer .  He says “ I think  by now  you would be aware of the conventional meaning of Ying Yang which is that there is a balance between positive an d negative “ .  Shiva Kumar continues “But  there is an  element  of cyclicty involved in it .   Take Shiva for instance though it is said Shiva attained perfect  union with his various Shakthi , three was different levels of dominance .Shiva Kumar continues for instance with  Parvathi  his main consort he was dominant but with Kali  he was feeble and Kali was dominant .You can see pictures of Kali dancing on Shiva with Shiva lying  below like a corpse . So the dominance of Shiva over Shakti or otherwise also followed a cycle – know what I mean, Shiva Kumar asks.  There is one more twist to it  Shiva himself was called Ardhanareeshwar , which  means half female and half male ,if fact all of us have both female and male attributes for some the male attribute is higher and for other the female attribute is higher . So – Shiva Kumar says “It  is not that male and female are in perfect balance –it  follows a cycle and everyone has male and female attributes –that’s what I have to say – Shiva Kumar Finishes .

Sunil was getting bored with his hunt now; he had done enough work so decides to make a final stop with a local astrologer.  The local astrologer has a keen look at the figure of Ying Yang and wonders what to say. He starts of saying “Well it could mean that we are all subject to good and bad times, though I would not agree that they are in equal proportions, but everyone including the President of a country is subject to good and bad times, in fact we have good and bad times for a group or for a society or for a country. “ And this happens in cycles “Sunil asks, he was getting a reasonable grasp over this issue now.  Yes the astrologer nods; depending on one’s astrological chart we can easily say which is good period and which is bad period. Sunil thanks the astrologer and decides to start compiling the information that he has collected . He thinks his search is over ( Is it??)

Emperor Chui Hui  again  asks Sunil  “ Two weeks have gone by and what have you found out “ Sunil  Spits at the emperor and shouts “ Fck you  asshole , the meaning of this figure is too complicated  I did enough digging – but am not able to find a meaning .  The Emperor persists “What secret does it contain “ . Sunil Spits again this time on the face of Emperor “Asshole Emperor, I told you – the meaning is very complicated – I am not able to decipher “The Emperor lifts the whip again and Sunil spits gain.  “Sunil, Sunil have you g one crazy you are spitting all over the bed –what happens to you –go and wash yourself.

Sunil prepares the final draft of the article on Ying Yang an d goes to the local temple to seek the God’s blessings. After all this is his first article as a reporter. He also carries a picture of Ying Yang which he thinks will dispose and forget about the whole thing. So he prays to the God and makes offerings to Lord Ganesha, who is said to remove all obstacles for anything.  After the prayers he throws the Ying Yang figure, he has to forget about it  now and move ,he has to think of a new topic now .  Suddenly he hears a loud laughter and looks back.  He sees an old man .the man is thickly bearded, looks like a beggar, but is not begging .The old man waves at  Sunil and gestures him to come to him.  “This is Ying Yang -is it not “the old man questions.  He drinks a peg of local arrack from his bottle and continues “ Have you heard of Snow White and evil queen and the famous mirror “ ,” Yes “ Sunil  answers very curious as to why this question was asked .  The old man says “ If the evil  queen had shown this figure to the Mirror it would have broken “and he bursts out laughing .  Sunil is shocked and says :”Actually the mirror did break “ . Sunil looks at the old man and asks him “ Why would the mirror have broken , what secret this figure contains”  .The Old man takes in another swing of his local arrack and says “ This figure represents nothing – you understand – nothing- It represents a state of  no mind –when the positive side (Left half)  of the brain is equally balanced with right half , when good in you and the evil in you is equally balanced and when the kundalini energy is fully awakened “  Sunil says “ I don’t understand can you explain further “ .The Old man laughs “ Young man nobody understands nothing ,it is not something to be understood logically ,it is something to be experienced only through experience you can understand what a state of nothing means – and when you attain that state – you are God young man – you are God –that’s why the Mirror broke – nobody can face God “ . The Old man continues “ So young man your ying yang represents a state of nothingness , there is  famous Sanskrit saying Brahmo , Brahmatta something- which means if you realize a state of nothingness you are as powerful as the Bramhan or universe itself – that’s secret of this figure “ Sunil wonders whether to add this view also in the article while the old man sings “ Mirror Mirror on the wall , who is the poorest of them all “ The mirror replies “ One is poor till one realizes the Bramhan “ The old man continues “ Mirror Mirror on the wall ……..”  Sunil moves on with his life and his reporting



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